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The Kickoff

November 08, 2006|By MIKE PRESTON

We'll find out in about two weeks how much the Ravens' offense has improved. We've seen some progress in the past two weeks with coach Brian Billick calling the plays. There have been a few new wrinkles, but it's basically still the same offense.

The Ravens, though, look more organized and are controlling the ball longer, keeping their defense off the field. But the Ravens haven't played a quality defensive team in two weeks, and they couldn't muster a running attack against the Bengals, who had the 25th-ranked rushing defense.

The Ravens probably won't get much of a test from the rebuilding Tennessee Titans, but the Atlanta Falcons should be a barometer when they come to M&T Bank Stadium on Nov. 19.

Getting more juice out of the offense, especially the running game inside the red zone, and the play of the offensive line will determine how far the Ravens go this season.


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