The Kickoff

November 06, 2006

On whether the Orioles should pursue Alfonso Soriano.

I've read a few posts from people who don't want Soriano, but I can't find a single negative about a guy who is a 40-40 player. How is his attitude?

The team needs pitching, period. Without it, the team becomes like the Texas Rangers when they had both A-Rod and I-Rod, Palmeiro, Gonzalez, etc. They had to win several games by scores like 10-8 because their pitching was lousy.

The problem is, the hitting won't click all 162 games, so the pitching needs to be able to handle the load.

Why do we continue to be fixated with this guy? No way he signs here. And if he does, where does that leave the budget for badly needed pitching help?

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