Election Quiz

November 05, 2006|By DAN RODRICKS

Do you know Maryland politics? Before Tuesday's election, test your knowledge with these 50 questions

1Before William Donald Schaefer, who was Maryland's last bachelor governor?

a. Millard Tawes

b. Egbert Souse

c. Albert Ritchie

2In 1978, what Maryland congressman died suddenly of a heart attack, leaving for a time an eccentric skid row candidate, Melvin Perkins, unopposed for Maryland's 6th District seat?

a. George Fallon

b. Goodloe Byron

c. Edward Garmatz

3Perkins ended up running against Byron's widow, Beverly. His campaign suffered a setback when he was arrested. "We've had plenty of congressmen who ended up in jail," Perkins told reporters. "What's wrong with one who started in jail?" Why did Perkins get locked up?

a. He slugged a female bus driver.

b. He was drunk and disorderly.

c. He stole a police officer's espantoon (night


4In the 1994 Democratic gubernatorial primary, there were four candidates in addition to Parris Glendening, who won the nomination. Who among the following was not one of his primary opponents that year?

a. American Joe Miedusiewski

b. Mickey Steinberg

c. Ellen Sauerbrey

5Arthur Bremer still resides in a Maryland prison for his attempted assassination in 1972 of presidential aspirant George Wallace at the Laurel Shopping Center. Bremer, who was sentenced to 63 years for the shooting, which left Wallace paralyzed, was heard to utter what line as he was hauled away by police and Secret Service?

a. "How much do you think I'll get for my autobiography?"

b. "The South shall rise again!"

c. "I have done something bold and dramatic, forceful and dynamic."

6The big surprise of 1978 was Harry Hughes' upset victory in the Democratic gubernatorial primary. Who was his Republican opponent in the general election that year?

a. Louise Gore

b. J. Glenn Beall Jr.

c. Robert Pascal

7Which of the following was never a candidate for governor of Maryland?

a. Spear Lancaster

b. Bob Merkle

c. Ferdinand Latrobe

8Ehrlich ran for Congress in 1994, the year of the Republican Revolution, because Republican Helen Bentley gave up her 2nd District seat to run for governor. Ehrlich defeated what son of a former Democratic U.S. senator?

a. Gladden Tydings

b. Gerry Brewster

c. J. Glenn Beall Jr.

9In the footnotes of Maryland political history, what -- or who -- was Shannon Tide?

a. First woman elected to a seat in the

General Assembly

b. The name of Martin O'Malley's first pub band

c. An Irish immigrant political movement in 19th-century Baltimore

10They called him Pee Wee when he was a kid, and he grew up to serve Maryland in Congress.

a. Dutch Ruppersburger

b. Elijah Cummings

c. Kweisi Mfume

11Before Robert Ehrlich, there was Spiro Agnew -- both Republican governors. Before Agnew's election in 1966, who had been the last member of the GOP to live in Government House?

a. Theodore R. McKeldin

b. William Preston Lane

c. Herbert R. O'Conor Jr.

12Bridges are named after various Maryland governors. Which of these men has not been memorialized in a span?

a. William Preston Lane

b. Harry W. Nice

c. J. Millard Tawes

13This governor and his wife split during his time in Annapolis. She stayed in Government House while he moved his suits to an Annapolis hotel and the state yacht. Who was he?

a. Harry Hughes

b. Parris Glendening

c. Marvin Mandel

14The first woman in American history to lead a major party in the U.S. Congress attended this Baltimore all-girls school, as did Maryland's first and only female U.S. Senator.

a. Mercy High School

b. Institute of Notre Dame

c. Mount De Sales Academy

15Once one of the most conservative members of Congress, Maryland voters turned this Republican out of office in the early 1980s after he was caught trying to solicit sex from a 16-year-old male prostitute.

a. Austin Crothers

b. Oden Bowie

c. Robert Bauman

16In one of Maryland's political tragedies, this Congressman shot himself in 1973.

a. Rogers C.B. Morton

b. Harold Lloyd

c. William O. Mills

17Having defeated his opponent by more than 80,000 votes, this man was mayor of Baltimore for three years before deciding he'd rather be a judge.

a. J. Harold Grady

b. Thomas J. D'Alesandro III

c. Philip Goodman

18William Donald Schaefer, the state comptroller, had an ongoing feud with former Gov. Parris Glendening. At a Board of Public Works meeting in August 2001, Schaefer said, "That's the most chicken thing I can imagine," and clucked at Glendening. To what was Schaefer clucking?

a. Glendening's refusal to sit next to Schaefer at board meetings

b. The governor's decision to shut off a

fountain on Government House lawn

c. Schaefer's omission from the guest list of an official reception for German Chancellor Helmut Kohl

19Speaking of chicken, what West Baltimore Democrat once gave away fresh broilers -- along with bread and butter -- as he campaigned for re-election to his House of Delegates seat?

a. Michael Mitchell

b. Frank Conaway

c. Larry Young

20Which Maryland governor cut the ribbon for the opening of the Baltimore Beltway?

a. J. Millard Tawes, 1959-1967

b. Theodore R. McKeldin, 1951-1959

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