Erica Danton, North Carroll, field hockey

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November 05, 2006|By Bill Free

North Carroll senior sweeper Erica Danton is so strong at her position that she has received more than her share of recognition even though she plays defense.

Danton and the Panthers' defense have 10 shutouts and have allowed just five goals in a 12-2 season.

What's it like being a defensive star on a highly regarded team such as North Carroll?

It feels very exciting. I really enjoy it, and it gives me momentum to keep going and practicing. I feel like a role model to the other players. They can look up to me.

Is this a state championship-caliber team?

I really think so. ... I just feel like we're a really good team and that we can get there without some of the main people who helped last year. ... I believe we deserve to win. We've worked really hard to get where we are. We all get along so well, with no fights or anything.

Are you a better team right now than earlier in the season?

I think so, because as we've progressed in the season and gotten to know each other better, we get along a lot better. We're on a mission. We're better now because we work hard in practice and we're perfecting our skills. We're there. We really are there.

Do you see other teams trying to do something different offensively because your team has 10 shutouts?

I'm sure they talk about it. They really can't do that much to get around us. We work well together. We back each other up. The mids and defenders, we all work together. We keep the ball up field, so the forwards can take it down and score.

What kind of satisfaction do you get from setting up forwards to score?

Emotionally, for myself, it's fulfilling. It makes me feel good. All the other defenders know it, too. We all know we're good. And, of course, I realize how we don't get enough credit because we're not the ones who score the goals, but we're the ones keeping the shutout. It's good.

What would be your ultimate dream this season?

To win the state championship. ... I feel like we dominated [Severna Park in a 2-1 overtime loss in last season's Class 3A state semifinals], but they still got two goals. I feel like this year if we have to play Severna Park, we'll beat them. We know how they play, and it was close last year.

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