Living in a fall moment



November 05, 2006|By Glenn Fawcett | Glenn Fawcett,Sun Staff

It was a cold and windy day when I was assigned to look for photos featuring fall color. While autumn had not yet peaked in most areas around Baltimore, one spot in Baltimore County was an exception.

Lined on both sides by evenly and deliberately spaced trees, Belmont Road winds through a rural landscape of farmhouses and barns. As a cold front blew into the area, the trees were bent like seaweed surging in the surf as waves of air rattled the dry leaves, causing some to fall to the ground. Though fall was all around me in postcard form, I was too busy trying to get it all right in the viewfinder to take pause for myself. Deadline was approaching.

Several days later, I was looking out the guest room window in my home where the tops of neighbors' trees can be seen and I watched the wind move the trees in all shades of yellow, red, brown and pale green - a colorful pattern similar to what I saw on Belmont Road. A thin layer of clouds covered the afternoon sun yielding soft light and detail so good that individual leaves could have been counted. I watched one small leaf caught by the wind as it drifted through the air on its long journey to the ground many feet from its origin.

It's easy in everyday life to hurriedly pass through countless scenes on our way to other places, but rarely do we stop to participate in the moment we are so busy living.

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