Chad Johnson On The Ravens

November 02, 2006

YESTERDAY Bengals receiver Chad Johnson promised to top his past celebrations against the Ravens if he scores Sunday. "I have something special, special, special for the city of Baltimore. Hopefully, I can get in the end zone so I can show you all what I've got in store."

BEFORE RAVENS-BENGALS ON NOV. 6, 2005 "No one has broken up a pass or stopped any passes that have come my way. Therefore, no one has gotten that `Yes' check for stopping me. But it's fairly easy. All you have to do is stop me one time, and no one has done that."

ON DEC. 7, 2003 After a two-catch, 15-yard performance against the Ravens, Johnson, who nicknamed himself "7-Eleven" because he says he is open all the time, was humbled. "They shut me down today," said Johnson, whose first catch came in the fourth quarter. "There's nothing I can say. 7-Eleven got robbed."

BEFORE OCT. 19, 2003, GAME "I play better against the quality of corners. I'm not saying my play drops, but I don't play at the highest level when I play against a corner who's not top-quality. But you've got your Chris McAlisters, and Sunday, I can't wait to get on the field, because I know my level of play is going to be shooting through the roof."

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