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November 01, 2006|By GLENN GRAHAM

A senior midfielder at Oakland Mills, Bali Boule is a team captain and four-year starter. Along with her leadership and ball skills, she brings a long and accurate throw-in that the Scorpions use as a primary weapon. A second-team All-County midfielder last season, Boule led the team in scoring during the regular season this fall with six goals and eight assists - four coming from her long throw. Soccer has long been Boule's passion, having played club ball for 12 years. With a 3.12 grade point average, Boule is considering a number of colleges, with James Madison and Towson topping her list. She plans to play soccer and may major in education to pursue a teaching career.

When did you first start using the long throw, and how has it affected the team's offense?

We first sort of discovered it when I just took a random throw-in during a game [in my freshman year] and realized it was pretty long. Ever since then, I've been practicing getting better accuracy and height and all that stuff. Now, it's the aim of our offense to get the ball up the sideline to get a throw-in or corner kick. We've been utilizing the throw-in a lot - it's been a big part of our offense.

What was it like scoring the winning penalty kick as a freshman to send the team to the state semifinals?

We came out for the game with a goal of never giving up. We went 1-1 the entire game and then the penalty kicks came and we really got excited. I would probably estimate that half of our school was in the bleachers cheering us on. We went through the first five penalty shooters [tied] and I was the sixth. I shot first and made mine, and then the Poolesville player missed, so we won. It was an amazing experience, especially being a freshman and it just paved the way and gave my team and me a lot of hope for the rest of our years.

Your mother is a teacher and also coaches soccer. How big an influence has she been on you?

She makes a huge impact on all of her students' lives and it just inspires me to do something like that when I'm older, whether it's becoming a teacher or a coach or both. I think she makes everyone's lives better, and I want to do that, too.

What kind of impact has she had on your soccer career?

My mom played in high school and college, and ever since I was little I've been interested in soccer because she did it. As I've grown older, she's influenced me to play soccer because I like playing and it's fun - not because I have to or because she did. With her being one of my heroes, it's one of those things where I'm doing everything she has done, but I really have grown to love just playing soccer.

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