Roch around the clock

October 31, 2006|By ROCH KUBATKO

Ravens coach Brian Billick sure seemed to be in a good mood at yesterday's news conference at the Owings Mills complex. I guess he's really getting along with his offensive coordinator.

The bonding started almost immediately.

As for Steve McNair's touchdown pass to Todd Heap that should have been intercepted in the end zone, Billick said: "That's one of those great designs I had, to ricochet off three of their defenders into Todd's hands. You had an entire staff yelling `no' when he let go of the ball."

Billick took a playful jab at Vic Fangio, the former NFL offensive coordinator who served as the Ravens' eye-in-the-sky Sunday.

"He sits on the plane writing down different scenarios of odd things," Billick said. "Sometimes it's like, `Vic, get a life, man. Geez.' There's more to life than just figuring out, `Now, if it's first-and-five and they do this, we can call timeout.' But he's very good at that. He's got a nice sense for it and I'm learning a lot from him."

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