Renewing vows is easy in Italy


October 29, 2006|By San Jose (Calif.) Mercury News

My husband and I want to renew our wedding vows in Verona, Italy. Can you provide any helpful information?

Renewing your vows in Italy is less complicated than getting married there -- no paperwork is required -- but advance planning is recommended.

You will find plenty of companies on the Internet offering wedding-planning services, including, and italia-celebra, although you will need to fill out a form and wait for a response.

If you are concerned about dealing with an online company, contact a travel agent that handles destination weddings; some have contacts in many countries. One, Joanne Gardner of the Travel Specialist (thetravel in Illinois works with an operator in Italy who can arrange a ceremony in Verona. Gardner averages about 20 weddings a year, mostly in Mexico and Jamaica.

I'm trying to purchase a city map of Thessaloniki, Greece, but have not been able to find one on the Internet or at a store. Can you offer a suggestion?

You would think that street maps of Thessaloniki, or Salonica as it is also known, would be easily available, as it's the second-largest city in Greece (population: more than 360,000). But not even the Greek National Tourism Organization in New York had them.

We did, however, find a couple at, an online map retailer based in Calgary, Alberta, in Canada. It sells a map of Thessaloniki, Chalkidiki and Thassos, produced by Freytag & Berndt, for $11.19, plus shipping, and an out-of-print map of just Thessaloniki, produced by Cartographia and published in 1996, for less than $10. Go to the Web site or call 877-921-6277.

Also, the city of Thessaloniki has a map on its tourism Web site,, but it can't be downloaded or printed. But you can zoom in on some areas and see street names and locations of buildings.

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