David Steele -- Points After Never at any point in...

October 29, 2006

David Steele -- Points After

Never at any point in their seasons, or even in the playoffs, did the reigning champions in three major pro sports - St. Louis Cardinals, Pittsburgh Steelers, Miami Heat - make you say, "They're the best team out there." That's not a particularly good trend.

You know that if the Detroit Tigers go an additional 60 years or so without winning it all, someone will say it's because of The Curse of the Pine Tar.

Worst World Series ever? I'd still vote for 1994, the one Bud Selig won. Or lost. Still not sure which.

Speaking of disastrous work stoppages, have you heard the one about the Buffalo Sabres tying the best start in NHL history, and nobody outside of upstate New York noticing?

And in the category of disastrous weather stoppages: Fox couldn't find anything else in its vault besides The War at Home? How about a random episode of 24? A classic American Idol? The Rebel Billionaire couldn't have been any more unwatchable.


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