October 29, 2006|By [ Nia-Malika Henderson]

Al Luckenbach

In the news

He identified a small Colonial-era burial ground with intact human remains at a construction site in Annapolis last week.


Archaeologist for Anne Arundel County.

Career Highlights

Luckenbach is the founder and director of Anne Arundel County's Lost Towns Project and the author of Providence 1649: The History and Archaeology of Anne Arundel County Maryland's First European Settlement (1995). He earned his undergraduate degree in archaeology/anthropology at the University of Virginia and graduate degrees in archaeology/anthropology at the University of Kentucky. He has been Anne Arundel County's archaeologist for 18 years.


Luckenbach, 55, was born in Falls Church, Va., and moved 20 years ago to Annapolis, where he lives with his wife, Donna Ware, director of Historic London Town.


"My job is discovering the past of Anne Arundel County, and it's a great job -- what can I say? You never know what's going to turn up with each new site. I'm that little kid in the second grade that liked dinosaurs and Indians, and I've never grown up and I've been able to maintain that my whole life and do for a living what I love most."

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