Maria Payne, Aberdeen, field hockey

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October 29, 2006|By BILL FREE

The Aberdeen sophomore midfielder gave up playing soccer for field hockey in the ninth grade and became a starter for the Eagles as a freshman, even though she had never played the sport. She has started every game for two seasons and has two goals and four assists this season. Payne also has a 4.0 grade point average. First-year Aberdeen coach Joanne Patton said that Payne brings skill and a positive attitude to the team.

What part of the game do you enjoy most?

Being on the team and working together to score.

Would you ever like to be a field hockey coach?

Yeah, I think that would really be fun to coach a high school team.

What's the most important field hockey play you've ever been involved in for Aberdeen?

It was two weeks ago when we played Edgewood and scored the winning goal with two seconds left in overtime. I played the ball up the field and passed it to set up an assist on the game winner. Beating Edgewood was nice.

Is there one game this season you'd like to play over?

The last game we played against Bel Air we could have won, losing 2-1. We had a goal taken away, so it should have been 2-2. We got the goal and the ball hit someone's foot, and the ref didn't hold the call before the play was over with. So we scored and he blew the whistle.

What does the team need to do to improve?

Just practice on working together on plays.

What's the funniest thing you ever saw in an Aberdeen field hockey game?

Two times this season, I've seen players get knocked over. One on my team and one from the other team. First you make sure they're OK, and then you laugh.

What would you like to improve about your game?

Working on dodging people, getting around people.

What would you be doing if you weren't playing field hockey?

I'd probably be playing soccer. I'd never go back to soccer from field hockey. It's my favorite sport now. I also play on the school JV lacrosse team.

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