Baltimore legislative districts

Maryland Votes 2006

October 27, 2006

Today, The Sun continues its endorsements for the Nov. 7 general election with General Assembly races in the city.

District 40: Residents of this district that includes Mount Vernon and Park Heights will have almost all-new representation in Annapolis. Democrat Catherine E. Pugh, who previously served on the City Council and who was appointed to the House of Delegates in 2005, is the best choice to replace longtime Sen. Ralph M. Hughes, who retired. Ms. Pugh promises to work for more senior housing, better health care and a higher minimum age at which students can legally drop out of school. For the House, we endorse (in descending order of enthusiasm) Democrats Shawn Z. Tarrant, a pharmaceutical salesman and longtime community activist; Barbara Robinson, a job training entrepreneur; and Frank M. Conaway Jr., a City Hall mail clerk.

District 41: Two candidates in this Northwest Baltimore district deserve re-election to the House of Delegates: Del. Jill P. Carter and Del. S. I. "Sandy" Rosenberg. The two Democrats worked diligently to bring a sense of identity to the disparate neighborhoods of the 41st after its lines were redrawn four years ago, and their success reflects well on the whole city.

District 43: It's encouraging to see the Green Party mount a real challenge, with a full slate of candidates, but it's unfortunate to see it happen in the 43rd, which has what is probably the best team of incumbents of any district in the city. Voters would be wise to stick with the Democrats, Sen. Joan Carter Conway and Del. Maggie McIntosh, Del. Ann Marie Doory and Del. Curt Anderson.

District 44: This district, which covers neighborhoods on the west and east sides of the city that include Madison Park and Sandtown-Winchester, has been well represented by Sen. Verna Jones, a Democrat who successfully moved from the House of Delegates four years ago and who deserves re-election. Ms. Jones, who serves on the Budget and Taxation Committee, has supported small-business development and increased public transportation. The district's three House seats are uncontested.

District 45: Despite a spirited challenge from Ronald M. Owens-Bey, a Populist Party candidate who rails against the hold of the Eastside Democratic Organization on the district's politics, our choices here are Del. Hattie N. Harrison, Del. Talmadge Branch, and newcomer Cheryl Glenn. Sen. Nathaniel J. McFadden also deserves another term in Annapolis.

District 46: Republican Keith Losoya is providing Sen. George W. Della with the first serious challenge he has faced in a long time, which is healthy. But the overwhelming bulk of Mr. Losoya's campaign fund comes from a single developer, and his signature issue - cutting the property tax - more properly belongs before the City Council, not the state Senate. Mr. Della has led the opposition to a state smoking ban in bars and restaurants, which is not to his credit, but he has otherwise been a reliable steward of the district's interests in Annapolis.

On the House side, we would have liked to endorse at least one newcomer in a district that has seen a flood of revitalization, from Locust Point to Canton, but Republican first-timer Peter Kimos falls short. Voters would do well to stay with the incumbent Democratic delegates, Peter A. Hammen, Brian K. McHale and Carolyn Krysiak.

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