you're such a critic

Your're Such a Critic

October 27, 2006


My choice of where the best theatre in Baltimore to watch a movie is: The Rotunda because the reclining seats are so comfortable. It makes me feel like I have a blanket around me while sitting in my most favorite chair at home.


This is a no brainer. The Senator Theatre from the time you arrive is like a step back in time with all the nostalgia - the posters and the ambience. The front is like the Grauman's Chinese Theatre. It has a huge screen with a Dolby Sound System that is like no other.


The Senator, because it has that true old fashioned movie theater feel that represents a time before we were overrun with commercial theater chains that serve ridiculously overpriced food that doesn't even belong at a movie theater. I pick the Senator to see a flick any day, because I am tired of the over commercialization of the business.


I may be tripping down memory lane, but I'd have to say the Senator. One of my best memories is the evening that I saw Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade on that big screen. The smell of real buttered popcorn in the lobby that hadn't been bagged up from the previous night. The patrons didn't use their cell phones and were polite enough to whisper to their companions. It felt like an event as opposed to just killing time at the local mall crammed in with the other sardines.


White Marsh (AMC Loews) since it put a control on the teenagers and started $5 movie mornings for those of us who want to enjoy a peaceful movie. The loud mouths (and children) are still asleep. ...The best part is I can cruise Barnes & Noble while waiting for my movie to start...

Sharon Wright, Baltimore

I would say that my favorite place is Hoyts near Nursery Road (Hoyts Cinema-BWI in Linthicum). I like it for several reasons. First, it is a rather comfortable place to see a flick. Secondly, they have the Quikava booth associated with Hoyts theaters. I love being able to drink a frosty Oreo beverage while I watch my movie. Finally, it is in such a yucky location nobody is ever there. You can generally get a good seat for a first run movie on a Friday or Saturday night with little or no lead-time.

Scott Furley, New Market, MD

THE NEXT QUESTION There's been a lot of buzz about The Death of A President mock documentary. In an election year, do you think this movie could affect the outcome of the November elections?

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