The Monitor

October 26, 2006|By LAKAIIA WILLIAMS

What's the point? -- A guy named Geoff from Manchester, England, decided to write a blog about his daily travels on the 43 bus. Geoff says that there really isn't anything exciting about this commute, except for those days when the 43 bus gets "pretty good." This may seem like an uneventful blog, but it won Manchester's award for blog of the year, so there must be a some excitement on the 43 bus.

What to look for --You'll notice how Geoff analyzes -- sometimes too much -- every aspect of daily living, from neatly stacked mailboxes in front of a new housing development to a man who takes pictures of almost every stop on the bus route (shocking him that there is someone who is as interested in the bus route as he is). But there are also some lovely poems and sketches on the site.


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