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October 25, 2006|By ROCH KUBATKO

I can't believe some people are still questioning whether the Detroit Tigers' Kenny Rogers should be allowed to make another start in the postseason because of the pine tar issue.

Lots of guys use it to improve their grip, though they might not splatter it on their hands like Fred Biletnikoff. This is a form of accepted cheating, which I know doesn't sit well with everyone. But if it was as serious as corking a bat, or using a nail file to scuff the ball, Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa would have pounced on the opportunity to have Rogers thrown out of Game 2.

And keep in mind that Rogers was more dominant after he cleaned up.

LaRussa is taking some heat in St. Louis for not pressing the issue and urging officials to eject Rogers, which might have spared the Cardinals a loss. But he wasn't interested in gamesmanship. LaRussa just wanted Rogers to clean up his act.

You can bet that Rogers will have his hands checked for cleanliness like an 8-year-old at the dinner table before making another start.

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