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October 25, 2006


Baghdad may need more troops

Gen. George W. Casey, the top U.S. military commander in Iraq, said yesterday that more U.S. troops may be needed in Baghdad to quell raging sectarian violence. He also reiterated that it will take longer than previously thought for Iraqi troops to take the lead in providing adequate security. pg 1a


Hastert testifies

Speaker Dennis Hastert became the first leader of the House of Representatives in a decade to testify before its ethics committee, fielding hours of questions yesterday about what he knew about former Rep. Mark Foley's inappropriate approaches to teenage pages and when he knew it. pg 3a

Cost of higher education

The cost of obtaining a four-year university degree continues to outpace inflation, and in an era of declining federal aid, students are increasingly relying on loans, the College Board said yesterday. pg 4a


Baltimore weighs smoking ban

The Baltimore City Council is set to hold a hearing today on whether to ban smoking in restaurants and bars. If approved, Baltimore would join Howard, Montgomery, Prince George's and Talbot counties. pg 1a

Severna Park Marine killed

Lance Cpl. Eric W. Herzberg, a 2005 graduate of Severna Park High School, was killed in combat Saturday in Anbar province in Iraq, the Defense Department announced yesterday. He was 20. pg 1b








S&P -- UP






Bullish on Legg Mason

Legg Mason CEO Raymond "Chip" Mason chastises analysts for what he calls overly rosy earnings forecasts while assuring investors that the integration of the huge money management operation it acquired from Citigroup is on track. Pg 1D

Mercantile tries to soothe

Mercantile Bankshares' chairman tries to assuage fears of large-scale layoffs and impact on customers in the bank's acquisition by PNC Financial. pg 1d

Blind want accessible Web site

Internet access isn't easy for the blind. That's why the Baltimore-based National Federation of the Blind is suing Target Corp., saying that its Web site is inaccessible to non-seeing customers. pg 2d


Labor contract for baseball

Baseball players and owners finalized a new five-year collective bargaining agreement before Game 3 of the World Series. The agreement, which runs through the 2011 season, is subject to ratification by both sides. pg 8e


Less than meets the eye

John Hodgman, known to millions as the hapless PC expert on the Apple television commercials, is an accomplished author, of sorts. He is on a multicity tour selling his book of fake trivia. pg 1c

Decomposition composition

Baltimore artist Robert Creamer has captured the transition of living things in stunning color photographs. He shows the beauty in decaying life. pg 1c

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