Amid war, Iraqi family soldiers on in Baghdad

TV Preview

October 25, 2006|By Paul Brownfield | Paul Brownfield,Los Angeles Times

Laura Poitras' great documentary My Country, My Country, which airs at 9 tonight on PBS after a limited theatrical release this year, is, ostensibly, about an Iraqi physician, a minority Sunni, running for political office amid the isolation, fear and destruction in Baghdad, Iraq, ahead of the 2005 national elections.

However Poitras found Dr. Riyadh (his first name is not given) and his family and then gained the intimacy required to document their life, morning, noon and night, they provide a sharp prism into "ordinary" middle-class life in Baghdad -- the new normality of explosions outside and breakfast without electricity. In one scene, as gunfire crackles, family members attempt to swat a fly, hardly flinching at the violence.

P.O.V. -- My Country, My Country airs at 9 tonight on MPT (Channels 22 and 67).

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