Jason Moczulski, Liberty, boys soccer

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October 22, 2006|By BILL FREE

Liberty senior Jason Moczulski was an outside midfielder on last year's Class 2A state championship team, scoring four goals and assisting on eight. Coach Ed DeVincent called Moczulski "an engine," going all out every time he is on the field. Moczulski leads this year's 8-3-1 team with six assists. He also has two goals.

What's the strangest goal you've ever seen while playing for Liberty?

It would have to be last year when [teammate] Billy Lee kicked a free kick in one of the playoff games -- I believe it was against Rockville. The ball was just placed to him, and he took a shot and it sailed over everybody and hit the top post and went down [not in goal]. The reaction from one of our players [Tommy Cavey] was hysterical. We actually have it on DVD from one of the parents, and it's just hysterical the way the reactions were.

What's your major role on the team?

I think my major role is to be a leader. [Coach] made me a captain, and just to keep everybody together, focused and to make sure we all play hard and play Liberty soccer.

What's it feel like to be defending state champions?

There's no feeling that can beat it, especially after winning a state championship. There's no other feeling like it unless you win again. Other teams play hard against us. They play very physical. It makes us a big target. They just want to come after us and compete at the level that we're at.

What do you like about soccer?

I just love the game. It's fast-paced, the emotions are high -- it's just a very fun game. You're running all the time, and you're active all game. I know there's not much scoring, but that's what makes it so intense. It's meant for a low-scoring game, and it just makes it more intense and people play harder to get that game-winning goal.

Did you ever consider another fall sport?

I actually considered playing football my freshman and sophomore years, but I just couldn't really because my love for soccer is always there. I'm 5-10, 155 pounds, and it's all muscle.

Do you ever think soccer will become a major sport like football, baseball and basketball in the U.S.?

I think it will be a major sport. It's the most played sport out there. It's getting bigger in the U.S. day by day. Every day you see more players coming out with more skills and moving up.

How does the game change in the playoffs?

It changes a lot. The intensity that this game for me could be my last ever in high school, and if you keep going you're facing better teams. It's just the pre-game jitters you need to shake.

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