October 22, 2006

Craig's attacks on Helton untrue

It appears County Executive David Craig is now reduced to personal attacks on his opponent Ann Helton, and they aren't even close to the truth at that.

In his campaign flyers which I received this past weekend, Craig first claims Ann was "rejected" by the voters of Anne Arundel County. Not true. She won her seat fair and square and decided not to seek re-election.

He then attacked Ann for being married to Art Helton, whom he describes as a multi-million dollar developer. I don't know how much money he has, but Art made his money as the owner of a retail business.

It was after he sold his businesses and retired that Art and Ann got into renovating older, rundown commercial properties. Those properties have been turned into attractive buildings which are fully rented and have increased the value of other properties in the City of Aberdeen as well as increased property tax revenues to the city.

Ann and Art should be praised, not criticized, for their efforts to make Harford County a better place to live.

David Craig should be ashamed of himself for distorting the truth and maligning an intelligent woman like Ann.

Terry Klein Abingdon

Negative mailing signals GOP problem

I read with interest your Oct. 12 story regarding the close race for county executive in Harford County.

My instincts tell me the race must be extremely competitive as we received a very negative mailing from the Republican campaign at my home. Why would they send literature to the chair of the Democratic Party? Well, I guess this is just another example of the current administration's inefficiency, arrogance and lack of economy.

In any event, it appears obvious that the GOP must have done polling to indicate that their recently appointed candidate for executive is in trouble as conventional political wisdom dictates that you ignore non-threats and only go negative with half-truths when you are locked in a horse race or, indeed, trailing.

I find it humorous when Mr. Craig cites Ms. Helton's "rejection by the voters" almost 30 years ago, when he himself was rejected here in Harford County just eight years ago by his own party! By the way, Ms. Helton was not "rejected" by voters in her own county, but was a candidate on a ticket for lieutenant governor. A little mixing of apples and watermelons perhaps?

The mailer charged that Ms. Helton has largely self-financed her campaign, which is partially true. However, if you wish to see a detailed listing of each and every developer and developer interest in Harford County, you need only go on the internet and check the Craig campaign finance report. Then compare it to Ann Helton's report. It is simply night and day.

It is good for the citizens of Harford County to have a contested two-party system and a full discussion of the issues. What is not helpful is the negative campaign of half-truths being sent through the mails by the Craig campaign.

Michael G. Comeau The writer is the chairman of the Harford Democratic Central Committee.

Quakers urge diplomatic effort

We urge our friends and neighbors to open their hearts and minds to a diplomatic alternative to war. Quakers, or Friends, believe that every human life is sacred and that war is an unacceptable way to resolve conflict.

As of today, Oct. 14, according to the U.S. Department of Defense, 2,752 members of the U.S. military have died since the Iraq war began in March 2003. American injured now number 20,687. Lancet medical journal of October 2004 concluded that at least 100,000 and as many as 280,000 Iraqi civilians had been killed or injured during the first 18 months of the occupation.

The number of family members of the American military requiring counseling as a result of the injury or death of sons, daughters, fathers, mothers and siblings could exceed 500,000 over the next 30 years.

2000 years of history has shown that war is not the answer.

Lois Ashworth, Ginna Drahan Bennett, Mary Corddry, Brooke Derr, Rebecca Gardner, Ann Gregory, Henry Smith Holloway, Kamala McIver, Mary McLean, Susan Tucker Myers, James E. Pickard, Amy Porter, Jill Sostrin, Mara Walter, Betsy Wollaston, Paul Wollaston, Sarah Wollaston, Sara Wollaston-Hayden, Keith Zotti, Ron Koch II

The authors are members of Deer Creek Friends Meeting (Darlington) of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers).

Insults trump addressing issues

Like Richard Gallippi stated in his Oct. 15 letter, politics really can be ugly. And he proves it with his own letter. In fact, it suggests he is more distressed by a bit of wordsmithing and more interested in trading insults than he is concerned about addressing the issue of James Reilly's double-dipping.

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