October 22, 2006

GOP endorsement of Johnson deplored

As a loyal Republican, I was shocked to see the former Republican county executives endorse Sheriff George F. Johnson IV, who is running for county executive.

I then reflected on the endorsements and thought that Del. John R. Leopold must be gaining on George Johnson. The Democratic Party had to do something bold.

I am an outsider and have not been involved in county politics until recently, so I do not know all the history or personal issues involved.

John Leopold is independent and is an outsider. He won the primary, and I support him.

Wally Campbell Severna Park

County needs smart planning

Over the years, the county has been running congested roads because of bad planning. Any more bad growth will cause gridlock. In areas like Pasadena, it would be a disaster trying to get out during an emergency.

The county needs a leader to use smart planning with growth coming as a result of defense expansion in this county.

We have a number of independent voters in this county and I'm sure they are noticing this issue, among others.

We cannot afford for more sloppy politics and planning in this county.

The people would suffer as a result and jobs would stop coming as a result.

Hopefully Democrat and Republican voters notice this issue and others, like high county taxes, when voting for county executive.

Stephen-Clark Reigle Severn

Leopold notes conservation efforts

It would have been helpful to readers if the Sun had identified the letter writer who criticized the Sun's endorsement of my candidacy in the primary election ("Support for Leopold missed the mark," The Sun, Oct. 15).

The letter writer, W. Ray Huff, is a former Democratic state delegate whom I defeated in the 1994 general election.

Huff says that he "cannot see anything" I have done for the environment.

Nearly every day, Pasadena resident Huff travels past the 5-acre site on Route 100 where I had over 4,000 trees planted using the state's reforestation law.

He should also recall that I was endorsed by the Sierra Club and the Maryland League of Conservation Voters in 1996 because he was one of my opponents in that election.

Huff's personal resentment runs deep, but his objectivity is shallow.

Del. John R. Leopold


The letter writer is the Republican candidate for Anne Arundel County executive.

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