5 Things I Have To Have

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October 22, 2006|By Michelle Deal-Zimmerman

Denise Koch is a woman in motion. With a busy career and family life - including 11-year-old twin daughters Meg and Jo, and husband Jackson Phippin - the WJZ-13 evening news anchor is constantly on the go. Koch doesn't have a minute to spare, and she certainly doesn't have time to sit in traffic. What she needs most right now is for someone to hit the pause button. But if that doesn't work, she'll settle for a little more sleep and ...

1. A HOUSE NEAR MY DAUGHTERS' SCHOOL: They started a new school a month ago, and we thought we could wait a year to move. But the commute is killing us. My family is spending almost three hours a day on the road.

2. AN ESPRESSO MACHINE FOR MY OFFICE:So every now and then I can push a button, get a little cup and I'm good for another few hours.

3. A BRIDLE FOR MY DAUGHTER'S HORSE:The reins are becoming frayed.

4. A SWIMMING POOL: A lap pool that would be heated in winter so I can swim every day - even when I get home from work at night. It's my favorite exercise.

5. A SAFARI VACATION:My girls are great travelers, and traveling is the one time we really focus on each other without distraction.

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