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October 21, 2006

ALVIN WEINBERG, 91 Helped develop A-bomb

Alvin Weinberg, a former Oak Ridge National Laboratory director who helped develop the technology behind the atomic bomb, died Wednesday at his home.

Active until recently, he died of natural causes, according to Martin Oak Ridge Funeral Home.

A member of the National Academy of Sciences, Mr. Weinberg helped develop the technology behind the atomic bomb in the 1940s at the University of Chicago and came to Oak Ridge in 1945 to work for Clinton Laboratories, later to become Oak Ridge National Laboratory, as part of the Manhattan Project.

Though he remained a vigorous proponent of nuclear energy, he worried that nuclear weapons would ever be used again in war. He led an effort in 1996 that brought a large "peace bell" cast in Japan to Oak Ridge as a symbol "that bitter enemies can become friends."

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