`Flicka' is a smooth ride

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October 20, 2006|By McClatchy-Tribune

The latest version of Flicka, the beloved kid-loves-horse story, has everything a film requires to attract an equine-crazy audience of all ages: warm family interaction and bitter conflict, drama, action, thrills, triumph, pathos, lessons, incredible scenery, one really cute boy (for teenage girls) and one tough, good-looking dad who wears a cowboy hat and jeans about as well as they can be worn (for their moms).

And if the kid in question (Alison Lohman of White Oleander) looks more like a woman than a kid, well, just enjoy the scenery and gorgeous footage of horses thundering across the mountain meadows.

Flicka (20th Century Fox) Starring Tim McGraw, Maria Bello, Alison Lohman. Directed by Michael Mayer. Rated PG. Time 94 minutes.

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