Ravens' decision to fire Fassel could be costly

October 19, 2006|By JAMISON HENSLEY

The Ravens' firing of offensive coordinator Jim Fassel on Tuesday might have been a necessary move.

But it also was an expensive one.

Because it was a firing and not a resignation, the Ravens must pay Fassel $1 million for each of the next two seasons. His contract runs through the 2007 season.

If Fassel receives another coaching job, the Ravens would owe him only the difference between his new salary and his existing contract.

Unlike players' contracts, the ones signed by coaches are guaranteed.

Before leaving for Denver, where he plans to live, Fassel was unsure what he would do next.

"I don't know at this point," Fassel said. "My mind was set on improving the offense this season. So that's been my entire focus until [Monday]."

Fassel's son, John, will remain as the Ravens' assistant special teams coach.

Because of the bye week, Ravens players are off until Sunday, when they return to practice.

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