Carroll County

Maryland Votes 2006

October 19, 2006

The next three-member Carroll County Commission will have to make tough decisions on soaring school construction costs, residential development and the demands on infrastructure that accompany growth. To deliver the moderate and practical solutions that most county voters expect, the commission must work as a team and share common goals with the voters, despite differences in opinion among some factions that sullied the primary election.

Bringing together the pro-growth and slow-growth elements on every issue may be impossible, but building consensus will be crucial to managing Carroll's challenges. To that end, The Sun endorses Julia Walsh Gouge and Dean L. Minnich, two Republican incumbents who have survived powerful opposition in their efforts to put more legislative powers in the hands of local officials. The Sun also endorses retired firefighter Dennis E. Beard, a Democrat who favors putting aside partisan politics in the interest of serving all constituents.

If voters support a ballot initiative, as they should, to allow Carroll to switch to a home rule form of government, these are the individuals who will work the hardest to ensure a smooth transition.

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