What is there to be unhappy about?

October 19, 2006

Are Baltimore sports fans any more neurotic than fans in other cities?

Go to baltimoresun.com/fanpoll and vote for the fans most in need of an analyst's couch:


Fans stage walkout after nine straight losing seasons for the Orioles. Just two Ravens losses in a row for Ravens makes them Team Turmoil.


Fans known for booing Santa Claus. Football stadium has a jail to hold all the drunks.


Who's more depressed than Cubs fans? Last World Series appearance? 1945. Last Series win? 1908. Fan touches foul ball and costs them a shot in 2003. No wonder Tommy Lasorda has to talk Cubbies fan out of tree in new Fox-TV promos.


Famous "Curse of the Bambino" lifted after Red Sox World Championship in 2004. Fans in New England convinced a new curse afflicting their team is just a matter of time.

New York:

Yankees' George Steinbrenner considered the tyrannical owner against whom all other tyrannical owners are measured. Fueling fans' sense of entitlement: Both Yankees and Mets consider team payroll below $180 million to be shoeshine money.

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