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October 18, 2006|By GLENN GRAHAM

Senior sweeper and co-captain Kara Passarelli has provided smooth and organized play in the back to help the No. 13 Vikings to a 9-1-1 mark this season. She is a three-year starter at sweeper and earned first-team All-County honors last fall. In her sophomore year, she picked up a lacrosse stick for the first time and made her way onto the varsity last season, playing defense for the Vikings to help them to their 10th straight state title and fifth straight unbeaten season. With a weighted 3.6 grade point average, she would like to study business and communication in college and would like to continue playing soccer.

How did you end up back on defense playing sweeper?

When I was younger, I was never really good with moves and stuff, so it was always a lot easier to take the ball off somebody else. It's kind of hard having the mentality that you're the last man back. It can be [a lot of responsibility]. But my team right now, we have an amazing defense and I trust everybody completely. It's a lot easier when you trust the people around you.

What has been the key to the Vikings' success this season?

We have a lot of really talented players. We don't have one individual goal scorer, we have so many different people who can get the job done. This year, we've been able to connect passes and are playing really well together.

How would you describe your personality on the soccer field?

I can be, for the most part, pretty calm, I guess. But I can be incredibly aggressive when I need to be. If another player is going to shove a lot, then you're going to give it right back.

What's it like being part of the Mount Hebron lacrosse program?

It's an amazing program. Going into it, I had never played lacrosse before my sophomore year. It's just been a really great experience to go that far and win every single game. The girls are really, really committed to it. I enjoy the sport, I love playing it and it's a nice break from soccer, but for those girls who are true, true lacrosse players, there's so much pressure.

What has sports meant to you?

You learn to play for each other. It's great. Some of my best friends are from my soccer team. It's a great way to get to know people and it's really a lot about time and commitment as well. For a couple years back in middle school, I wasn't sure if I wanted to play soccer anymore and I took a season off. But I just decided I loved it so much that I started up again. It's a huge commitment as well, going to practice when you know you're going to do sprints. But it's OK, it just makes us better.

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