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October 18, 2006|By LEM SATTERFIELD

Tight end-defensive end Chris Burley, 6 feet 6 and 245 pounds, is a third-year starter and a standout for Woodlawn. Unlike his brother Scott, a former star for the Warriors who now is a junior offensive tackle at Maryland, Burley has had to endure a 1-5 season.

Can you discuss the evolution of your relationship with Scott from being competitive to one of encouragement?

We used to say, "Who's fastest or strongest?" Now, he's like, "Chris, keep your head in the books," and tells me where I need improvement. I also get encouragement from my mom, Sabrina Lucas; my dad, Linwood Burley; and my stepdad, Wilbur Lucas."

What schools have offered scholarships?

Hampton and Delaware are the ones I have at home. My coaches tell me Morgan State, Boston College and Syracuse are interested. Maryland is recruiting me but hasn't offered. If I could sit down and tell a recruiter about myself, it would be, "Don't sleep on me ... Give me a chance, I promise not to let you down."

Your receiving skills and toughness after the catch are apparent. Can you discuss your mentality as a player?

Most of my power's in my legs. When I get hit, I keep my legs moving, trying to go forward and get as many people off me to gain as many yards as I can. I don't like losing. I'm trying to do what I can to change it.

You see a lot of specialized defenses. Do you view that as complimentary or frustrating?

It's a compliment, but it's tough sometimes because some recruiters won't look at you on a losing team. But after the Perry Hall game, one of their kids was like, "You're big, you need to be in the NFL." After Kenwood, a coach said he was going to vote me All-County. The Dulaney coach told me I had a lot of potential. It helps a lot to know you're respected.

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