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October 18, 2006


In an unprecedented show of support in local politics, all five of Anne Arundel's former county executives stood together last week to endorse the Democratic candidate for chief executive.

The five -- including three Republicans -- praised George F. Johnson IV's integrity and managerial skills as three-term county sheriff.

Joseph W. Alton Jr., Robert A. Pascal, O. James Lighthizer, Robert R. Neall and John G. Gary held the reins of county government from 1965 to 1998. Alton, Pascal and Gary are Republicans. Lighthizer is a Democrat. Neall was elected executive as a Republican and later became a Democrat.

The Republican candidate, Del. John R. Leopold, later called the former executives "far too cozy with the big-money bosses and the development industry" and said their alliance with Johnson indicates that the Democrat also supports "special-interest politics."


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