After months, broken hydrant repaired


October 17, 2006|By NICK SHIELDS

THE PROBLEM --Patti Gardner reported that a fire hydrant has been broken for months at the corner of Morven and Pitney roads in the Parkville area of Baltimore County.

THE BACKSTORY -- Gardner said she was in her home in mid-June when a pickup truck swerved to avoid another vehicle and struck the hydrant. She said the impact broke off a chunk of the hydrant.

She said that after the accident she approached a police officer who told her officials were notified of the problem, but after three months no repairs had been made. She said a month later that the hydrant remained broken, and there were concerns about what might happen in a fire.

The hydrant has now been replaced, covering what had been a hole, after inquiries from The Sun. Four orange cones surrounding the hydrant will remain there until a final inspection.

Bryan Samuels, chief of utility maintenance for the Baltimore Department of Public Works, which handles water supplies to the county, said the top of the hydrant was sheared off and that it needed replacing, along with a stem that connects to an underground valve. He said the repairs had been on backlog since residents are within an acceptable distance to other water supplies. WHO FIXED IT -- Bryan Samuels, Baltimore Department of Public Works, 410-396-7870.

Baltimore County residents also can call 410-396-5352 to report problems.

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