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Monday Morning Qb

October 16, 2006|By KEN MURRAY


When you can't protect a 14-3 lead against a rookie quarterback in your house, you are in trouble. The Redskins couldn't stop Tennessee's Travis Henry (178 rushing yards) and couldn't force any turnovers from quarterback Vince Young. That they lost, 25-22, is the tip of a huge iceberg.


The Eagles were due for an emotional letdown after beating the division rival Cowboys last week, but their defense never sacked Saints quarterback Drew Brees in a 27-24 loss. It looks more and more like only one playoff team -- the champion -- can come out of the torrid NFC East.


Chiefs running back Larry Johnson carried a chip on his shoulder into Pittsburgh yesterday. He expected the Steelers to draft him in 2003, especially when they traded up from the 27th pick to the 16th. But the Steelers took safety Troy Polamalu instead. Was it a coincidence when Johnson chased Polamalu after an interception that he dragged him down by his long, flowing hair? When he didn't let go immediately, it drew a deserved unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.


Neither Damon Huard of the Chiefs nor Marc Bulger of the Rams had thrown an interception this season. Until yesterday, when each threw one. Huard, filling in for the injured Trent Green, has thrown for five touchdowns and Bulger for 10. The Eagles' Donovan McNabb threw only his second pick of the season, on a Hail Mary pass to end the first half in New Orleans.


The Bengals have mixed the running of Rudi Johnson with the passing of Carson Palmer to great effect, but the running game abandoned them in Tampa. Cincinnati rushed for just 3 yards in the first half and Johnson totaled 52 at game's end against a Buccaneers defense that has been vulnerable on the ground.


The Dolphins (1-5) are easily the most disappointing team in the NFL this season. Thought to be in position to challenge the Patriots in the AFC East, they are at least another draft away from being a legitimate contender.

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