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The Kickoff

October 16, 2006|By ROCH KUBATKO

A brawl nearly erupted in the Pittsburgh-Kansas City game because Chiefs running back Larry Johnson tackled Troy Polamalu after an interception by grabbing the Steelers safety's hair and pulling him to the ground.

At least we know they're not extensions.

Johnson was penalized 15 yards for taunting, not for mistaking Polamalu for Rapunzel.

The next time someone writes that Samari Rolle is the best pure cover corner on the team, I'm either going to scream at the top of my lungs or beat him deep.

That statement might have been true before the season, but he's not showing it right now. A little safety help might have been nice on that last touchdown, but nonetheless ...

The bye week is coming at the right time for the Ravens. It appears that Steve McNair will be ready in two weeks after tests at Union Memorial Hospital came back negative.

He's being transported back to the stadium 5 yards at a time.

Please forgive my earlier prediction that the Cincinnati Bengals would cover at Tampa Bay. I forgot this is the NFL, where nothing makes sense.

The Bengals didn't cover. They didn't even bother to win. And of course, the Dallas Cowboys waited until the fourth quarter to score 500 points and cover against the Houston Texans. I should have seen that coming, too.

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