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October 16, 2006

Will the Maryland men's basketball team reach the NCAA tournament this season?

Having been an avid Maryland sports fan for the past 30 years, it saddens me to say NCAA stands for "no chance at all" for Maryland.

Mike Sisk


The Terps will return to the NCAA tournament as two freshman guards enhance the backcourt, [D.J.] Strawberry returns to his natural position and [Ekene] Ibekwe becomes stronger than ever.

David Boyd

White Hall

Not until the band is allowed to play "Rock and Roll (Part 2)" again will Maryland make the NCAA tournament. Since the ban, two trips to the NIT, plus two 5-6 records for the football team. Coincidence?

Jeff Volmer



Should Kyle Boller start the next game for the Ravens even if Steve McNair is healthy?

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