Other Deaths Of Note


October 16, 2006


Gillo Pontecorvo, an Italian filmmaker who directed the black-and-white classic The Battle of Algiers, died Thursday in Rome. The cause of the death was not given, but reports said he had suffered a heart attack months ago.

The 1966 epic depicts the Algerian uprising against the French in the 1950s in a documentary-like style, with a cast of mostly untrained actors. The film was banned in France for years. JEFF GETTY, 49 AIDS activist

Jeff Getty, a prominent AIDS activist who received the first bone-marrow transplant from a baboon to treat the disease, died of heart failure Oct. 9 at a hospital in Joshua Tree, Calif., following treatment for cancer and a long struggle with AIDS.

Before antiviral drug combinations were used successfully by AIDS patients, he grabbed national attention in 1995 for becoming the first person to receive a bone marrow cell transfusion from another species. His transplant at San Francisco General Hospital used cells taken from a baboon, with the hope that the primate's natural AIDS resistance would take root in his system.

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