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October 16, 2006


U.S. options for Iraq

A commission backed by President Bush that is exploring U.S. options in Iraq intends to propose significant changes in the administrations strategy by early next year, members say. Two options under consideration would represent reversals of U.S. policy: withdrawing American troops in phases, and bringing neighboring Iran and Syria into a joint effort to stop the fighting. pg 1a

Quake shakes Hawaii

A strong earthquake shook Hawaii early yesterday, causing a landslide that blocked a major highway on Hawaii Island and power outages across much of the state, authorities said. The state Civil Defense had unconfirmed reports of injuries. pg 1a


Marylanders commute more

According to a once-a-decade study being issued today, Maryland commuters cross county lines to go to work at a rate higher than any other state except Virginia. The region is also a hotbed of so-called "extreme commuting" - one-way trips of more than 90 minutes. pg 1a

Politicians could reap pensions

Politicians up for re-election in Baltimore County stand to reap the benefits of what may be the region's most lucrative pension plan for elected officials. Four of the seven county council members would be in line for annual pensions of more than $40,000 if re-elected and another member would be eligible to collect $54,000. pg 1b


Iraq nearer breaking point

Months of bloodshed have threatened to loosen the bonds holding together Iraqs fractious government, with tensions between political blocs spilling out in recent days in fiery sectarian rhetoric as well as fighting that left at least 130 people dead. pg 8a

Korean sanctions weakened

Questions over the effectiveness of the Security Council's punitive sanctions on North Korea for its claimed nuclear test are growing, as both South Korea and China indicated that business and economic relations would largely be unaffected. pg 8a


McNair injured; Ravens lose

Starting quarterback Steve McNair suffered a medium concussion and a neck sprain on the Ravens' third series and sat out the rest of the game, and the team went on to a deflating 23-21 loss to the Carolina Panthers at M&T Bank Stadium. pg 1e


Time to move on

The Patterson Park Community Development Corp. has done its job of revitalizing a formerly ignored area of Baltimore so well that it has run out of work. There are no more cheap houses to rehab. It is looking for the next neighborhood to help. pg 1A


Negative ads

Although voters say they hate them, negative campaign ads proliferate for one reason - they work - strategists say. pg c1.

Population milestone

Sometime about now, the U.S. population will hit the 300 million mark - that's quite an achievement. pg c1

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