Plan for diet needs abroad


October 15, 2006|By San Jose Mercury News

I have specific dietary needs such as gluten-free bread and nondairy drinks. Will I be able to find these items while traveling in Europe?

If you're going to be eating out a lot, you should not expect that all European restaurants will be able to accommodate your dietary needs.

However, you can carry small index cards, translated into the languages of the countries you'll be visiting, that specify your allergies and requirements. You can make your own using a phrase book or asking for help from a native speaker or language teacher.

Several Web sites also offer this service, including and

Also, consult with your doctor. You may want to take along a self-injectable epinephrine shot in case you have a serious allergic reaction to foods. If you do this, make sure you have a signed consent form from your doctor.

A group of six adults is interested in visiting the air museum at Monino, near Moscow. Can you provide information about arranging a trip?

The Russian Central Air Force Museum at Monino, the largest aviation museum in the former Soviet Union, is about 25 miles from Moscow. The museum has about 170 Russian Air Force jets, helicopters and gliders, as well as some unusual flying machines and memorabilia.

The best way to visit the museum is to book a trip through a tour company. The museum's Web site is in Russian. The Russian National Group, which represents the Russian National Tourist Office ( in the United States, offers a tour of the museum, plus transportation and an English-speaking guide for about $200 per person for a group of six. Call 877-221-7120.

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