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October 15, 2006

From The Sun, Oct. 21, 1886: "Ellicott City - A number of outhouses, consisting of a large barn and stable combined, two chicken houses and a toolhouse ... the property of Mr. Wm. R. Hodges, of Baltimore, were destroyed by fire at his country residence near Ilchester about 11 a.m. [yesterday].

"The fire was discovered issuing from the roof of the barn by Mr. Hodges' manager. When he reached the spot the whole upper portion, in which were several tons of hay and other combustible matter, was nearly burnt out, and the cinders and blazing pieces of timber were falling to the stable floor below, where were haltered three valuable horses. The horses were removed without being injured.

"A large number of persons from the neighborhood quickly gathered on the scene, and it was by means of their united efforts that the other buildings ... were saved. A valuable bloodhound which was lying in the barn was burned. Mr. Hodges' carriages and several farm implements were saved only through the assistance of the ladies. ... Nothing definite as to the supposed origin of the fire can be learned."

[Sun archives and Sun researcher Paul McCardell.]

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