October 15, 2006

In defense of James Reilly

It's sad, but politics can be very ugly. Like the letter Jeffrey Sawyer wrote in the "Letters to the Editor" section last week. James Reilly has continually worked 60-hour weeks for the Clerk of the Court office since his election four years ago. Unlike most all of his predecessors, Reilly is willing to perform off-premises swearing-in ceremonies and marriages in the evenings and almost every weekend, all over the county.

To say he has abandoned his Clerk of the Court job is ludicrous. To give reference that Mr. Earnshaw left the party for the likes of Reilly is also ludicrous. Mr. Earnshaw has only one large sign on his property asking Harford County to Re-Elect - guess who? - James Reilly.

To fault Reilly for raising more money from Republicans, Democrats and Independents than any other Clerk of Court is just as ludicrous.

What it shows is that Reilly has strong support from the citizens of Harford County. Sawyer is embarrassing himself with this kind of rhetoric.

Richard J. Gallippi Forest Hill

The writer is accounting manager for the Harford County Circuit Court.

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