Lewis: Roar, Raven, roar


October 15, 2006|By Chiaki Kawajiri | Chiaki Kawajiri,Sun Staff

It was the Ravens against the Chargers and my first pro football game to cover for The Sun.

I couldn't believe my eyes when Ray Lewis came out on to the field before the game began. There was music playing and he began to dance and roar.

As I watched Lewis put on his show, the nervousness I felt at first went away. I realized that this was an entertainment, a big fun event.

I took some shots and caught this image of Lewis giving his all, the fans and the smoke in the background. It seemed to catch the spirit of the moment.

Throughout the game, I was just blown away by the volume of the sound on the field. It was so loud, I could feel the vibrations as I watched the faces of the fans, all shouting together. I felt it with all of my senses. The whole scene seemed really amazing.

A portfolio of other images taken by Sun photographers covering the Ravens can be seen at www.baltimoresun.com/viewfinder.

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