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October 15, 2006|By BILL FREE

Senior center back Jenny Mayhew of Francis Scott Key is learning about adversity this season on a team that is 1-6 with many close losses.

Mayhew, a four-year starter, hasn't scored, but coach Becky Tregoning has been impressed with her "awesome" stick skills, excellent field sense, patience and smart play.

How tough has it been going through a 1-6 season?

It's pretty tough because we're so close in many games. Sometimes we lose 1-0. We're struggling to score and it's kind of frustrating. I guess we just can't execute. We don't have that little bit of a big goal-scoring punch it takes in tight games.

Where did you develop the outstanding stick skills that your coach admires?

In my sophomore year, I was named captain and that helped with my leadership skills while everything else about my game just came together.

Something just happened with my game that season. I guess being captain built my confidence, and everything else came with that.

What part of the game do you like the most?

I just like being on the team because of the friendships and working together. I just love field hockey. I think it's really fun.

Do you enjoy setting up other players for goals?

Yeah, I get it up the field and let them do the rest. It doesn't bother me not scoring.

As one of the captains, what do you need to do to help the team?

Work on the areas we need to work on, as far as scoring, and don't give up in any game.

When you're not playing field hockey, what do you do?

My whole family loves the Redskins, so I'm kind of obligated to watch them.

But I just enjoy watching football on television and don't have any favorite players. People ask me if I'm related to a former Redskins player [Mark Mayhew], but I'm not. I also play left field on the school softball team.

How many goals have you scored in your career?

I've scored four goals, and three of them came in one game last year against Tuscarora.

A relaxing pastime for you would be?

Hanging out with my friends.

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