October 15, 2006

LAST WEEK's ISSUE: -- Elections officials across Maryland faced a bevy of problems on primary election day. In Anne Arundel, at least 100 vacancies for election judges were unfilled, and many judges who participated lacked proper training to operate the electronic voting machines. Those two factors contributed to the temporary mishandling of memory cards holding 6,000 votes and sparked allegations of unrecorded votes. County and state elections officials have said many of the difficulties will be resolved for the general election Nov. 7. Do you have confidence in the ability of Anne Arundel elections officials to correctly run the machines Nov. 7?

Nothing to worry about this election

I am a chief judge at Precinct 5-11. We had a smooth training and election in the primary, except for computers crashing about every 50 votes. This caused many (about 20) voters to have to vote by paper and fill out a long form.

The only new thing this election was the poll books. The computer chips had to be returned last election and we had to tally them.

This election in my precinct will be the best yet.

David Hartman Arnold

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