October 15, 2006

Thanks for letter that only helps me

Mr. John Culleton has a habit of making things up about me in his columns and his letters to various papers. A prime example would be his letter to The Sun, printed on 10/1/06.

His main line of attack is to attempt to turn me into some sort of caricature of something I'm not. He has tried several times before the primary to hang certain labels upon me.

Thankfully, our GOP primary voters rejected his negative and misleading attacks. Ironically, the more he tries to bash me, the better I seem to do with the voters.

I, therefore, wish to thank you for printing his letter and him for writing. I trust The Sun and Mr. Culleton will both keep up the good work.

Michael D. Zimmer Eldersburg

The writer is a Republican candidate for county commissioner.

Aggressive drivers risk to pedestrians

It comes as no surprise or shock to me that someone is killed trying to cross Route 140 in Westminster. He was someone's child, someone's brother and someone's fiancee. An employee, a friend, a neighbor, maybe someone's uncle or cousin.

The driving culture in Westminster is such that he was an obstacle in some driver's way. The fact that the driver in this case happened to be a police officer may get some attention, but it is not the individual driver alone. It is the culture of Westminster.

I was a pedestrian there for two years. On many occasions, drivers were angry that I was in the way when they were trying to make a turn. One lady made rude gestures and yelled at me because she had to wait for me to cross before turning left. Another driver on a different occasion waited patiently for me to cross as the driver in the car behind him honked his horn and yelled at him to proceed, even though he would have had to run me over to do so.

These episodes were common and I came to expect them, plan for them, take extra precautions and I somehow managed to get out of Westminster alive. To cross Route 140 before the light changes, one must move the second that the light turns green on the other side. Sometimes it's not always possible since the cars making a right turn rarely, if ever, give the pedestrian a chance to get started.

It was worse on rainy days.

I have been a pedestrian in other states and in other countries. I have never experienced such deplorable callousness and aggression towards pedestrians anywhere to the degree as in Westminster.

These are nice people. You see them in the stores, at work, at church and around the neighborhood. But when they get behind the wheel, they become dangerous to pedestrians, cyclists and roadside workers. I hope Maryland wakes up soon and realizes the need for public education on safety and road manners.

Chris Callahan Kingsville, Md.

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