Harford History

October 15, 2006

Early days of Havre de Grace

The town of Havre de Grace was incorporated by an act of the General Assembly in 1785. Although it was passed over as the nation's capital in 1790, the area continued to grow under the governance of five commissioners. The notes of the commissioners' meetings are a testament to their desire to improve the town with the construction of a market house, a school and a church.

The revenue from government-organized lotteries was added to the treasury, as were fines for lawbreakers. On Oct. 12, 1812 "an ordinance was passed forbidding the discharge of firearms within the town under penalty of fifty cents for each offense. The provision did not apply in the shooting of ducks or other wild fowl `sitting on or flying over the waters in front of the shores of the town.'"

[Source: Our Harford Heritage by C. Milton Wright Research by Harford County Public Library]

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