October 14, 2006

Ravens offense hurts good QBs

It looks to me like Steve McNair has completely mastered the Brian Billick/Ravens offensive system - or perhaps has succumbed to it?

This "system" has systematically chewed up and spit out both young, promise-filled quarterbacks as well as proven veterans with Pro Bowl credentials.

The only quarterback to have flourished under it - Trent Dilfer - was one of modest ability from whom there were no great expectations.

Dave Reich

Perry Hall

Ravens lucky T.O. is elsewhere

After Sunday's performance against the Philadelphia Eagles, Terrell Owens has earned himself a new nickname: Non-Factor.

Owens was exactly that in the long-hyped grudge match with Donovan McNabb and the Eagles. Instead of the Eagles putting hard hits on Owens or taking cheap shots, having him simply be a non-factor in a losing effort was the best possible outcome.

In the end, the Ravens should be thanking the heavens above that they managed to avoid Owens and all the baggage and problems he brings with him.

Ed Doheny

Bel Air

Mussina factor not so shabby

Has anyone noticed that since wooing Mike Mussina away from the Orioles six seasons ago the Yankees have failed to win the World Series?

On the other hand, they did win the division title and play postseason baseball all those years.

Not such a bad curse.

Brian L. Greenwald


On bright side, O's locally owned

The Orioles could keep changing owners, but as long as Major League Baseball is structured the way it is today, it will be a rare day when at the end of the season the Orioles are sitting atop the AL East.

Until there is either a cap on players' salaries or the revenue sharing is more evenly distributed among all teams, the Orioles cannot realistically compete with the Yankees.

The fans should be thankful the Orioles are owned by someone from Baltimore. If they ever become owned by someone not from Maryland, then there is a real possibility the Orioles could move to another city. Then the fans would really have something to cry about.

Alvie F. Clayton


O's best future is in its past

The solution to the Orioles' losing problem is simple.

Peter Angelos should sell the team to Cal Ripken and his associates. Mike Flanagan should grow back his mustache and settle somewhere else.

Bring back Davey Johnson as manager. If he's not available, Rick Dempsey could do the job.

Boog Powell could provide more knowledge than barbecue sandwiches. As for pitching coach, there's one in the broadcasting booth: Jim Palmer.

And since Frank Robinson is out of a job, hire him as hitting coach.

All of the above-named might kick the overpaid in the rear end and teach them about team play and winning.

It's time for change. Back to the way it was.

Tom Conroy


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