`Infamous' isn't just a `Capote' copycat

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October 13, 2006|By Michael Sragow | Michael Sragow,Sun Movie Critic

In Infamous, a bevy of New York City socialites, a flock of Holcomb, Kan., solid citizens and at least one killer circle around Truman Capote (Toby Jones) like brightly colored gypsy moths around a flame. Why did writer-director Douglas McGrath call this Infamous? A better title might be Irresistible.

This is the musical-comedy version of Capote, complete with Gwyneth Paltrow doing a Peggy Lee imitation on a Cole Porter song, a Greek chorus of high-society gals (Sigourney Weaver, Isabella Rossellini and Hope Davis), and a rueful Kansas lawman (Alvin Dewey, played by Jeff Daniels) struggling to keep the story grounded in reality. And it bears roughly the same resemblance to the Bennett Miller-Dan Futterman-Philip Seymour Hoffman masterpiece as the now-forgotten Valmont did to Dangerous Liaisons.

Infamous (Warner Independent) Starring Toby Jones, Sandra Bullock, Daniel Craig. Directed by Douglas McGrath. Rated R. Time 110 minutes.

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