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Seeing Jim Leyland so close to another World Series reminds me of his lowered expectations going into the 1998 season while managing the Florida Marlins, who were coming off a championship and a total and thorough gutting of the team by the front office.

Leyland had to say all the right things publicly about the Marlins, but he knew they had no chance of competing. So toward the end of spring training, with his office door closed and a few reporters inside that he could trust, he basically announced: "We're terrible. We could lose every game."

Or something close to that.

The Marlins beat the Chicago Cubs, 1-0, on Opening Day, then reeled off 11 straight losses. They went 54-108.

But at least they didn't lose every game.

The Minnesota Vikings released Drew Henson from their practice squad, confirming once again that he's a failure as a minor league third baseman and an NFL quarterback.

What's next, backup goalie for the New York Islanders? That's the job I want. Do it for one season and either move into the front office or receive a $25 million raise. Maybe both.

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