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October 12, 2006















Paper ballots on order

Maryland has ordered 1.6 million paper ballots, roughly one for every two registered voters, for possible use next month during an election day that critics fear could suffer from some of the same problems that snarled the start of the September primary. At least 66,000 of them, and likely many more, will be mailed to voters as absentee ballots and the rest will be available as provisional ballots at polling places. pg 1b

Doctor downplays Evans' claim

A medical expert testified yesterday that it is medically implausible that death row inmate Vernon L. Evans Jr. could remain conscious but paralyzed and unable to signal his pain as he is executed. His attorneys have argued that his needle-damaged veins would put him at risk of severe pain during the lethal injection procedure. pg 5b


Bush rejects Hopkins report

President Bush angrily rejected findings of a Johns Hopkins report putting the number of violent Iraqi civilian deaths at more than 600,000 - twenty times what Bush has estimated. pg 3a


Missed opportunities seen

Amid the growing debate and partisan finger-pointing over North Korea's nuclear weapons program, former national security officials say that missed opportunities over the past three administrations could have ended or significantly stalled Pyongyang's effort. pg 1a

Constellation sells 6 plants

Constellation Energy sells six power plants for a higher-than-expected $1.6 billion, a move that will give it some financial flexibility if it has to continue as an independent company. pg 1d

Cameras power YouTube

A secret to the YouTube phenomenon has been improvements in digital still cameras that also shoot video. Newer cameras make it simple to shoot mini-movies of almost anything and post them on the Web. pg 1d


Racing rides out bumps

As Maryland Million Day approaches, horse racing officials in the state are hoping that the worst is behind them after a difficult year that included no slots legislation, a virus that killed horses and Barbaro's devastating injury in the Preakness. pg 1c


Truth through comedy

In the search for truth, some voters turn to comedy shows such as The Daily Show and its star, Jon Stewart. pg 1e

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