10 light poles cut down on Sinclair Lane


October 10, 2006|By Rona Kobell | Rona Kobell,Sun Reporter

THE PROBLEM -- Ron Jones reports that 10 light poles have been cut down in the 5700 block of Sinclair Lane in Northeast Baltimore.

THE BACKSTORY -- Jagged-edged stubs about 6 inches tall remain from the missing poles, and wires spill out to the sidewalk.. The road, which winds through woods, is now pitch-black at night, making an area that is already prone to holdups even more dangerous. Jones said he has been calling the city's 311 line regularly since May about the problem, with no result.

Last year, city residents reported a rash of light-pole thefts, including some in the area where Jones lives. But Baltimore transportation chief Tony Wallnofer said those should have been fixed, and he hadn't heard any reports of the poles missing recently in the Sinclair Lane area. His staff did learn Sept. 21 that 10 lights were out on the road because of a cable fault. After learning of the light-pole problem from The Sun, Wallnofer said it should be fixed in two to four weeks.

WHO CAN FIX IT -- Tony Wallnofer, Baltimore Department of Transportation, 410-396-1686.

City residents also can call 311 to report problems.


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