Roch Around The Clock

October 09, 2006|By Roch Kubatko

Did I really take the Colts, giving 18 points, against the Titans? This isn't Ohio State-Bowie State. That's a lot of points in the NFL.

I lived to regret it.

Then again, I took the Bills getting 10 points.

Let's say you're Brian Billick - which automatically makes you smarter than the rest of us. Do you play B.J. Sams tonight after his DUI? Sams hasn't been suspended by the NFL, but it would be a strong statement from Billick if he benched the guy after two arrests in 14 months. Even for one game. It's conduct that's unacceptable, and he should be punished beyond the embarrassment that didn't prevent him from drinking and getting behind the wheel again.

It looks like Joe Torre is going to be out of a job. He did such a lousy job in the Division Series.

I'm just not sure how, but he must have.

Torre deserves better, but he always has. Maybe he'll wind up in Texas and he can bring back Alex Rodriguez. The Rangers need a good No. 8 hitter.

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